Saturday, June 02, 2007

Holly Oaks Coming To BBC America

For those of you whose cable and satellite systems feature BBC America, the popular UK soap opera Holly Oaks premiers Monday night at 10:30 Eastern time with nightly episodes to follow. There is a Sunday Night Special at 6:30 Eastern time to catch you up on the characters in the show. One of the hottest aspects of the show is the developing relationship between John Paul (James Sutton) and Craig (Guy Burnet). Although Holly Oaks has been running for a long time in the UK, BBC America is starting with the current season. John Paul and Craig's relationship will really heat up this September but it is pretty warm right now. I have included 5 clips from the show and one clip from the British Soap Opera Awards which features a hot kiss between the guys in a short clip contained therein. The videos are followed by some favorites from my buck naked collection which are definitely NSFW. So until next time as always, Enjoy!

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Ryan said...

i will be checking bbc out that for sure. damn thanx 4 all the naked men now im hard as a rock hehe!