Monday, December 07, 2015


The weekend just passed was different than most have been here of late.  For one thing, I did not spend the entire weekend in a depressive tailspin, growling at everything and everyone.  I also had some good moments of quiet reflection along with a few bumps in the road.   But all in all a better weekend than most here of late as I said.  The new medications seem to be taking effect although it does seem not quick enough for Will.  If anything, Will is even more impatient than I for the medications to mellow me out, lol.  

I still have my moments of insane anger, but they are becoming less frequent and I seem to be enjoying the seasonal activities bustling around me.  I am actually a little excited about Christmas this year.  I am having Christmas at my house this year for anyone who wishes to visit.  However I will not be making any "keeping up appearances" or fake smiling gaiety for the sake of the family who could give two shits if I show up or not.  Mother is not here any longer, so my presence is no longer a requirement at any family gathering.  So this Christmas should be guilt and anguish free for the first time in more years than I care to count and that is a very good thing.  

In the Spirit of the Season and because it is the first Monday in December, we will forego our normal Monday with Mozart and present our annual Monday Sounds of the Season feature instead.  To kick of this years series I have a marvelous program recorded at Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde,  in Marseille, France.  The Artists are Robert Martin on Trumpet & Laurent Fris on Organ for the program: Ave Maria for Trumpet and Organ, 8 Centuries of Marian Music.  The play list is as follows:

00:00 - Salve Regina
01:31 - Ave Maria de Caccini
06:29 - Regina Coeli
09:44 - Dio Vi Salvi, Regina
13:00 - Pour L'Amour De Marie
14:58 - Une Vierge Pucelle
18:22 - Or Dites Nous Marie
19:42 - Herz Und Mund Und Tat Und Leben (BWV 147)
25:00 - Bist Du Bei Mir (BWV 508)
29:00 - Ave Maria de Schubert
32:50 - Ave Maria de Verdi
37:53 - Ave Maria de Gounod
42:56 - Prière à Notre Dame
49:40 - Angélus
54:39 - Astre Béni Du Marin
56:42 - Invocations
01:00:13 - Je Vous salue Marie

For a something less "traditional", over on my tumblr Kenny G gives us a little smooth jazzy take on his favorites recorded on his Christmas Classics Album.

Of course although it is Christmas, our need for Men in Underwear on Mondays remains, so I shall deny neither you nor myself the pleasure of sexy studs in skivvies.  You will find them all lounging about the page in this week's edition of Monday's Undies posted down below.  Over on my tumblrErasmo Viana is your Hottie of the Day! and he can play in my court any day (or night!).  Thanks for the visit, see you again soon.  Until next time as always, Enjoy!

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