Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day and Other Things

In the United States, the second Sunday in May is celebrated annually as Mother's Day.  I have had my issues with this day for many a year as I was saying in last week's post.  However, while the celebration of Motherhood and Mothers' contribution to society is good, the commercialization of the holiday drove the founding Mother of Mother's Day crazy.  She protested for many years and was even arrested for disturbing the peace.  I can feel her frustration, having been the subject of command performance celebrations over the years. 
I spent most of the day trying to ignore the fact, but you can't really ignore the day, it is everywhere.  You can't get near a restaurant without waiting in a line,  and everyone tries to get in on the act somehow.  I did pretty good until I woke up from my nap this afternoon only to have to fight off a panic attack for the first couple of hours until my medicine kicked in.  Then my friend called who needed a little help and off I went to get out of my past self and into living in the present again.  Even with therapy and medicine, sometimes my mind just bush wacks me.
Just recently I have been contacted by a woman who  is the author of Jen Reviews.  She ran across this post from nearly 2 years ago  in which I describing the career of Clara Schumann who was the first  recognized female composer while also being the wife of composer Robert Schumann and a Mother to her children.  Clara spent a lot of time in Austria as did most anyone who was anyone in music back then made it to Vienna and/or Salzburg.  It was my reference to Austria that triggered her interest.  Jen on her web is pretty straight forward as on the home page she states "On this site you will find: In-depth, no-BS reviews, Clever life hacks, and Practical money-saving tips.  Each article is typically upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 words. My goal is to recommend only the best product to you and to give you the one-stop resource you need to make the best decision for you and your family."

Her 100 Best Things to do in Austria is a comprehensive guide to everything good and beautiful in that country.  Her site does more than travel reviews and I will need some more time to discover all her site has to offer.  Take some time to pay her a visit at Jen Reviews, tell her Uncle Gerry sent you. 

Now because it is Mother's Day, I thought I would reprise the Piano Works of Clara Schumann which I used in the post from back in 2015.  It is fitting to listen to music written by a Mother on Mother's Day, the complete play list is after the video.  It is late and I am going to close this out by saying Happy Mother's Day to those who are Mothers past, present and those who hope to be.  Oh and until next time as always. Enjoy!

0:00 Sonate in G minor: I Allegro
8:20 Sonate in G minor: II Adagio
11:30 Sonate in G minor: III Scherzo
14:06 Sonate in G minor: IV Rondo
19:36 Romanze in B minor (Langsam)
25:04 Impromptu in E major (Allegro ma non troppo)
27:29 Romanze in A minor
32:20 Scherzo Op.10 in D minor (Scherzo con passione Presto)
37:04 Deuxieme Scherzo Op.14 in C minor (Con fuoco)
41:12 Präludium in F minor (Im lebhaften tempo)
42:55 Soirees musicales Op.6 I Toccatina in A minor (Presto)
44:55 Soirees musicales Op.6 II Notturno in F major (Andante con moto)
49:42 Soirees musicales Op.6 III Mazurka in G minor (Moderato)
53:18 Soirees musicales Op.6 IV Ballade in D minor (Andante con moto)
59:27 Soirees musicales Op.6 V Mazurka in G major (Con moto)
1:01:53 Soirees musicales Op.6 VI Polonaise in A minor (Non troppo Allegro)
1:05:33 Etude in A flat major
1:07:25 Marsch in E flat major (Lebendig)


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