Thursday, May 31, 2007

News From Around The Blogosphere

I have had the chance to catch up with Ryan and Mike over at Boys Are Ugly But So Cute over the last couple of days. Mike is recovering well and feeling better as he is hungry for real food and horny for Ryan. They have moved him to a rehab that is closer to home and he seems to like it better than the first where he ran into some redneck trouble (see this post by Ryan). Ryan said they may have to do another surgery on Mike's ankle, he was going to talk to the doctors today and let me know what they said. All in all my favorite couple seems to be getting back to normal. I know that Ryan is really glad to see Mike recovering as well as he is after the emotional trauma of his coma right after the accident. I am still amazed at how loving his family and Mike's have surrounded the two of them with love and support. If only more families were as accepting and loving, we would not have so many young GLBT people out there struggling to be who they are.

Case in point would be Chris Crocker of You Tube fame who is a totally out 19 year old in a small southern town full of haters. He chronicles his adventures on You Tube and just yesterday was profiled in a great article in Seattle's The Stranger by Eli Sanders. Escape from Real Bitch Island is a compelling read and Chris's videos are quite an insight into what a lot of us in the south have or are going through just to be ourselves. Check out the story and the videos, they are worth the time investment to do so.

Tomorrow starts Gay Pride month with celebrations at various times throughout the nation. It also marks the debut of a new blog, Hunks 365, which will feature reader submitted photos in a calender type format that should be fun and eye friendly. It is brought to you by Kendall from The Way I See It who is one of my daily reads. I look forward to the debut and have already added Hunks 365 to my daily read list. All that being said, I will close out with some eye friendly photos myself. So until next time as always, Enjoy!

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